About Us

Our History

The Independent Vending Machine Operators Association (IVMOA) was started in 1992 when a group of Independent Vending Operators decided that they could achieve their vision of providing customers with a greater product variety and more efficient service, if they worked together as a group rather than as individual companies.

The feedback from customers in the market indicated that the larger Global Vending Corporations only provided their own products, took a long time to fix problems and often only provided for drinks or snacks and not both.

It was also recognized that coming together as a group provided a greater ability to negotiate pricing of stock and equipment.

Over the past 31 years, the IVMOA has grown to become the largest Independent Vending Association in Australia. Currently we have 130 members covering all states and territories in Australia.

Executive Committee 2022-23


Larry Warner

Kwik & Easy Vending

Neville Wenban

Secretary/ Treasurer
Just Vending

Ashley Misquitta

Vice President
Snacks R Us Vending

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Chris Christofis

Ace Vending

Jonathan Cross

Cooloola Vending

Corey Pelligra


Simon Wenban

Just Vending
Just Vending

Why Become a Member

Why choose an IVMOA operator?

The IVMOA Operators take care of over ##,000 customers throughout Australia and service over ##,000 vending machines. The feedback from our clients are testimony to the reasons why you should choose an IVMOA member.

1) Variety - We are INDEPENDENT, this means we are not pushing just one brand of product but all brands of products depending on your needs.

2) Full Service - Throughout our association we have members that can provide a full service including Drinks, Snacks, Coffee, Frozen Food and Fresh Food. Dealing with one supplier is easier than several.

3) Access to the Owner or CEO of the business - Ever been so frustrated that you wanted to go right to the top? IVMOA members are predominantly Small to Medium business owners who still have personal involvement in the day to day running of the business.

4) Servicing - As members are small to medium business owners, the turn around time for any issue from change of product, minor technical issues and refunds are reduced dramatically.

5) Attitude - With small to medium business owners you will find that the refillers you deal with on a day to day basis have a vested interest in the company, not just a contractor that wants to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

6) Code of Conduct - IVMOA members adhere to a strict guideline and "Code of Conduct" to ensure end users expectations of a professional service are met. Failure to comply results in the IVMOA member being removed from the association.